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Default The learning curve... with pron.

After a 3 days of rain... time to get back to basics... using a stickburner.

First off, had to pay a little attention to the level of the pit... hence the jackstands under the vertical chamber on the left side (out of view).
The pit is level... the camera wasn't... blame that on the idiot behind the camera... me

Ever heard about the bisquist test? Its just a trial run with simple canister biscuits to visually see where are the hot/cold spots inside the smoker. That's a good thing... so you have a gameplan where to place your meats... if a hot or cooler areas are needed... just a strategy.



Notice the upper area and the right side is hotter? Great spots for chicken, steaks, brisket, and pizza!

Now that have the smoker's temp mapped, time for some fatties.

A fatty is one of those 1 pound sausage chub/logs by Jimmy Dean/Bob Evans type. Bought (2) Bob Evens - Hot and (2) Jimmy Dean - Regular.

Will do a pair with rub, and without (known as a 'naked' fatty)
1 Hot and 1 regular with rub (Oakridge BBQ Secret weapon for pork and chicken) and a pair hot and regular naked.

Saved a spot for a roaster - with Oakridge BBQ Game bird and chicken rub.

Hope there's time for pics later... will be a feeding fest this afternoon.
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