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Originally Posted by Bamabuzzard View Post
Couldn't agree more with the advice given. But as someone mentioned your money ain't in the ribs. Last year I did several butts for people for the holidays. Many people have gotten away from the traditional meal (Turkey, Ham etc.) during the holidays and gone toward different things. I cooked about 12 butts for people last year and made a very good profit. Then this past summer I did some ribs and the profit margin just ain't as good.
I agree, butts and shoulders will net the most. For some reason in my area, people have gone nuts. They will pay $18-$22 a slab and bow up over $20-$25 for a butt let alone $30+ for a shoulder. I had some good luck doing fresh hams like I do shoulders. I have found the hams cheaper to buy than a shoulder at times.
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