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Default It's Bacon time again! (a LOT of pr0n!!)

Freezer ran out... What to do? Make more of course!!!

Got a pork belly............. or 8

Unwrapped 2 and washed them up along with a boneless shoulder and a "money muscle" for buckboard:

Made my salt cure and mixed it with "wet sugar"

I put this on a slab of belly, and the 2 buckboards then bagged them up and put them in the fridge to cure:

Did up a herb rub for a Savory bacon, rubbed it and threw this one in the fridge as well:

After just over a week they came out the fridge & I washed and patted them dry then put them back in the fridge overnight to finish drying the outside:

Savory bacon:

Wet sugar cure:

Rolled and cut the savory bacon

Put it all on the smoker and cold smoked it for 4 hours with some Lychee wood:

Was a nice night to smoke...

After 4 hours cold smoke:

Then raised the heat slowly and brought them up to 140˚

And the final product the next day sliced up:

All stocked up again!!! Now what to do with it??

uhh FRY IT!!!!

It was goooood!!! Thanks for looking everyone!!!!
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