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Default Brisket and UDS (again)


I have a question for all of my UDS using bretheren. I have struggled A LOT with brisket on my UDS. I find myself not able to get a dark, heavy bark on my UDS when I smoke briskets. So my first question is am I alone? Is anyone else getting a nice bark?

Second question, I know it is done when it is done. But I am smoking my briskets for a really long time (14-16) hours and having to wrap and crank up the temp for the last few hours to get the meat up to temp. I am smoking 16 pound packers at 225-235 and I know that my temp is accurate. Is this a normal phenomenon?

I am at the point of wanting to use an offset for Brisket because I have had so many turn out like crap on the UDS...

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