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Excuse you. I was under the impression that Dave was a candidate for an office and was willing to run as a candidate and answer questions to convince me that I should vote for him. I wasn't aware that I was forbidden to ask questions. I wasn't aware that I should vote for people simply because they are members of this forum. I wasn't aware that there are those who feel that some one who is a member of KCBS but not associated with competitive BBQ in any way shape or form is qualified to act as a member of the BOD.

I too am a dues paying member of KCBS, and a competitor, and I am a member of this forum. If Mr. Compton would like the opportunity to receive my vote when the time comes, then I would like to verify that he is associated with competition BBQ. I don't know the man, but I won't ask for your forgiveness from any one to ask questions about him. You do your friend a great disservice by jumping down the throats of the very people who's votes he hopes to receive: The ones who aren't his friends but are looking for reasons to vote for him.

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