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I agree with George on this as well. While I don't know all of the current board members as well as others I have been told that there are some current issues with some board members getting better contest rep assignments, working for marketing companies, and other businesses that could easily be looked at in a bad light. It appears that there are some companies in the BBQ world that get some very favorable treatment because of their connections and I don't feel that is right either.
Personally, I am in pharmaceutical research. I see patients in clinics here in Des Moines. Unless the KCBS BOD can help me find people with chronic diarrhea, ear drainage, or some other type of medical issues I don't believe that there will be any conflicts.
In terms of how I would deal with the potential conflicts, I like a signed agreement that would forbid a board member from conflicting situations. I agree with George that only so much can be done but some of the obvious issues could easily be addressed while other items that were previously under the table deals wouldn't happen anymore.
Once again, we are forcced to self police and maintain a personal and professional code of conduct that each KCBS member can appreciate.
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