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Originally Posted by Meatlover View Post
Do any of the candidates have anything to financially or personally gain from being elected? Consultant, marketing expert, contest rep, contest organizer, bbq related business owner, or anything else that people may feel is inappropriate or conflicting.

If so, what would that be?

If not, how would you deal with potential conflicts?

How would you work to make sure other board members refrain from conflicts?
I have no product, restaurant, or catering business to potentially benefit from service if elected. I'm a software/IT geek operating my own business, and have already stated publicly that I wouldn't touch KCBS issues in that area with a 10 ft. insulated pole. I spend money on BBQ and see absolutely no reason that would change within my lifetime.

It's highly unlikely that a personal conflict would come up in my case, but in the event that it did I'd excuse myself from discussing the issue as well as any vote.

I believe the board needs to develop a complete code of ethics with reasonable penalties for violations that are public and known in advance.

There are members serving now, that were elected under existing rules that some would consider to have a conflict of interest. I've been considering that and how to move forward. It's not as simple as it may appear.
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