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This didn't start out to be a throwdown entry, but once I got into it I decided to use it.

My inspiration is Mr. Alton Brown...

Good Eats S5E4P1: Celebrity Roast - YouTube

In addition, there were a couple of prime rib threads lately.

A while ago I bought a whole boneless rib roast at Restaurant Depot and cut half of it into steaks and the other half into two roasts. I pulled out a 3.5 lb. roast from the freezer the other day and cooked it tonight.

I gave it a nice rub down with EVOO and a coat on Montreal Steak Seasoning and put it back into the fridge for about three hours.

At half time in the Bears game (Da Bears!) I started up the Memphis Pro and set it for 225. The rib roast went in at 6:00pm. An hour later it was up to about 75 internal...

This picture sucks since it was dark out and the light by the grill decided it was time to burn out

Once it reached 125 internal (about two hours) I set it on a plate and kicked the Pro up to 450 and then gave the roast a few minutes on each side so get a nice crust.

I let it rest 15 minutes while we heated up some veggies and potatoes and then carved it.

It was a little more rare for my wife so I tossed her slice in a hot skillet for a couple of minutes. My slice was just how I like it

We cheated a little on the veggies and potatoes and used a pre-mixed veggie medley, but the prime rib was the star of the plate anyway.

Use this picture, please, Chris ^^^
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