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Default Rubbery skin on pork shoulder??

I have to say I am a bit dumbfounded. I just got my new ET-732 thermometer in the mail and was, of course, raring to try it out. The wife picked up a 5 pound shoulder. I prepped, rubbed & injected it as usual, then put it in the fridge.

I let it sit for an hour out of the fridge as I got the UDS ready. When I put it on, the meat temp read 50 and I had the pit set at 240. I did wrap the shoulder in foil after an hour, as an experiment to see if it would help keep the juices in. One of my buddies swears by this method, so I figured i'd try it.

Anywho, I pulled it from the smoker at 190, let it rest and then began to pull.. dang skin was as rubbery as could be. The internal meat was fine, but it had about a 1/4" shell of rubbery skin around it. Suggestions?
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