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Okay, I was going to do a ribeye steak a la Alton Brown steak episode, and a potato bomb, a la the BBQ Pit Boys, but I was upstaged on that meal, so I went looking, and stumbled upon this little gem, which seemed so timely, given recent Q-Talk threads.

Here is the inspiration...

Bacon Sweet Cornbread Recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys - YouTube

I did the same thing the guy in the video did, except I used Steen's instead of Molasses. So, on to the pr0n.

First, the bacon getting tasty. I made two batches.

Then after taking the bacon out, and adding the butter to the bacon grease, in goes the batter. Then, I stirred in my crumbled bacon, and back to the kettle it went...

My trusty Weber redhead stayed at 350 the whole cook, witch took about 35 minutes. Then off it came to cool...

After cooling enough to cut out this wedge, I took this last shot, and then ate the wedge...

As it cooled, it had an unexpected "nutty" aroma to it. My first bite was not what I expected, either. It was good, but not what I expected. But, never having eaten anything quite like this, all I had was my imagination.

I ate the whole wedge, and even tried some with some maple syrup. It is definitely breakfast food, IMO. It would be easy to do camping in a dutch oven. It would be a good, filling camp breakfast.

It is rich. One wedge, and I was stuffed. It is NOT diet food. If I make it again, I need to do it for several people. I don't know how I am going to eat this whole farking thing -- without gaining ten pounds. I wish you guys were here to eat some.

So, here you have it, Bacon Sweet Cornbread.

Thanks for looking.

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