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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by Smokedelic View Post
Yes...and I hope they will. Sooner rather than later. I hope they use more logic than just doing away with a rule because it's difficult to enforce.
If you've got a better solution, I'm willing to listen. If you've got workable ideas on enforcement, I'd like to hear them. Emphasis is on workable. I'm not playing games or trying to be an ass. How do we enforce what we have to work with now, or something altered slightly without solely depending on honesty and integrity. I don't doubt those qualities in the OVERWHELMING majority of cooks.

At the end of the day, I want to see a reasonable set of rules that benefit the overwhelming majority of cooks that are willing to play by those same rules. You and Don, are up at the top of the food chain and can hold your own whether they choose to cheat or not. I'm not just thinking about the difference in GC or RGC. It's also about the team that is knocking on the door to get that first top ten call. You think back to when you started and tell me how much that first call meant in comparison to the GC calls you've had.

It's all about that level playing field, that everybody wants to talk about. As an organization we need to focus on that, as well as other things.
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