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From the perspective of a KCBS Judge:

I would have to agree with most of the comments on this thread. I have only been judging one year and out of 6 events, I have only run into the occasional idiot at the table judging BBQ with me.

The first real idiot I encountered at a Sams Club Event in Austin. He ran a blog about bbq and offered some rinky dink "BBQ" discount card... he essentially did not want to follow the KCBS rules about no drinking and was politely asked to leave after judging the 2nd meat. His argument was he knew good bbq because he was a blogger and these KCBS rules were a formality for the rest of us who were not at his skill level. A sample of this individual's professionalism was this stellar individual put "it tastes like $hi7" on his comment card about one entry he gave a 2 to.

The only other idiots out there are "BBQ Cooks" who have tons of war stories how they did great at some event, won 2 categories, and still made tons of money as a vendor selling their BBQ to tourists. I always know there is going to be trouble from these judges when they tell me "I am a BBQ Cook, I make great ribs, I have won contests because of my ribs, and I am going to be tough on RIBS... if they don't beat mine, they don't get a 8 or 9" (Actual Quote). As a new judge I looked at this moron and felt sorry for his ego. If he is the Johnny Trigg of Kansas , why was this guy not competing?

IMO, KCBS BBQ is not about how that sample compares to your "winning" ribs, but how the sample compares to genre what the cook was going for. For example, I do not care for spicy bbq much, but if I get a spicy sample of BBQ that is literally the best spicy bbq I have had, they get a 9. I don't down score the sample because it does not meet some unreal expectation that is not apart of the KCBS rules or oath. It s just like not comparing one sample to another on the same score-sheet. There have been times where I have given 9-9-9 scores on multiple samples on the same score-sheet. Give every cook their opportunity to put their best foot forward.

95% of the judges I meat (pun intended) are outstanding and take great care in their responsibility of judges. It is just the 5% out there who refuse to play by the rules established by KCBS.

Just my 2 cents.
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