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The inspiration for this cook came from the Brethren sales and ventures section. Looking into Fred's music and BBQ supply I found that SmokinGuitarPlayer was giving away Free rub and sauce samples to the brethren. I signed up. Sure enough, in a couple of days I received a bunch of samples in the mail. So I went to his web site and found a recipe he used for rib eyes.

Heres the link.


Here's a simple way to make some great steaks. We get ribeye cuts from the "wholesale" club store ...they are a ribeye roast ... cut them aprox 1 1/4 " thick ... then we coat them with olive oil and a liberal coating of our Tasty Licks Redeye Ribeye rub... allow to sit for 30 minutes at room temperature. In the meantime, we get our charcoal / ceramic grill up to around 550 degrees and put on a cast iron cooking grate. We then "oil" the cooking grate with more olive oil on a cloth, then drop on your steak and listen to that sizzle! Cover the grill and wait aprox 30 to 45 seconds, then open the grill, grab the steak with your tongs and rotate it 90 degrees and put it back down on a new, hot piece of the cooking grid and close the grill again (this makes those cool crossed sear marks). The after another 30 to 45 seconds, flip the steak and repeat the process ...then .. close your grill completely,, on a ceramic close all the vents / ports etc and let the steak bake in the smoke and heat filled grill a few more minutes until cooked to your preferred done-ness. We like it 130 to 135 internal temp for medium-rare in the center. .. Enjoy the goodness of a coffee infused rub on redmeat!

Well, Heres the pron and my entry.

Redeye redmeat rub

A nice thick rib eye fresh on the grill!

Pulled after 10 minuets.

Plated with baked potato smothered in butter and corse ground pepper with steamed broccoli on the side. This was A great tasting rib eye and I have to say that Fred's Tasty Licks Redeye Ribeye Redmeat RUB was very tasty. It was not over powering at all allowing you to enjoy the flavor of the rub and the natural flavor of a great tasting Rib eye at the same time. I also used some cherry and pecan wood chips while grilling this steak and that left a real nice mild smoke flavor that was not overpowering either.

Thanks for looking Brethren!
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