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Thank you all for your advice. Yes, my wife is a keeper. She has put up with me for over 20 years now, and she wants me to upgrade from the Bandera to something nicer and "not settle, get what you really want". So definitely a keeper.

I have never seen exactly how the racks attach on slideouts. Without slideouts they appear permanently attached. With slideouts, I guess it depends?

This allergy is a new beast to me. We have known she was alergic to beef for a few years now. 4 trips to the ER over the last 7-8 years with can't breathe and large hives, she can usually take Benedril liquid or quick acting strips and get back under control. Not a pleasant situation though. She has to watch eating out because of cross-contamination from cooking. July 4, 2009 we used the Epi-pen before the last ER trip and it works wonders. Several late night Benedril sessions and came close to using the Epi-Pen again 3 weeks ago so she went back to the allergist. He has done a blood sample test and advised her that she is allergic to the protien in mammal meat-that's right-all mammal meat; beef, pork, deer, horse, lion, etc. I am still trying to wrap my hands around this, I can't imagine never eating burgers, steak, brisket, sausage, bacon, ribs, fatty-the list goes on and on.

This article discusses what the Doctor claims that she has:

I am having a hard time accepting the enormity of it all, but until there is more evidence or a cure, she is swearing off mammal meat and going strictly with poultry and fish. We have been eating a lot of chicken, I will have to get even better at cooking it.

Anyway, this turned into a ramble. Thanks for the advice. I will inquire about extra racks just for her. Smoking stuff together does not seem to bother her unless something drips on her food. I always cook her stuff on the top racks so no juices drip on her food. I can continue to do that.
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