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So living at the beach, I would have loved this category during the summer. Once fall gets here, its too cold to go fishing, and most of the roadside guys have closed up shop. When I think fall or winter seafood, I think oysters. Usually oysters means getting a couple bushells on a saturday afternoon to have friends over, drink some beer and watch some football. We couldn't really do that this weekend, so my wife and I just bought a couple dozen and had a nice little Sunday night dinner. These are local stump sound oysters which aren't the prettiest, but they are pretty big and have a lot of that salty,ocean flavor that make oysters what they are.

I started with some shallots and garlic in butter.

Next I added some baby spinach.

We found some spanish chorizo at the store, and I wanted to try to incorporate it with some of these too. I made a roux, and added some pepper jack, cheddar, and heavy cream to make a thick cheese sauce.

Here is my 'on the grill' shot with the two sauces. I added some cream and a little flour to the spinach to make something similar to creamed spinach.

Once they started opening up, I took them off and started making them up. The rockefellers had creamed spinach, bacon, parmesan, panko, and some parsley. The "wrenchefellers" had the cheese sauce and chorizo.

I threw them on the smokey joe under a chimney of hot coals to melt everything up.

Here they are plated with with some hot sauce.

These were really good, but very rich. My wife and I could only eat two of each, and then just ate the rest from the shell with a little hot sauce. Thanks for looking.
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