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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Our NorCal Bash entry for this throwdown. We are claiming that the lobster and the scallps came from the sea (hah! just try and deny that!) The bacon and tenderloin are simply additional cooking vessels used to prepare the seafood. Tasty cooking vessels, but, really just there to play a role in preparation. Pay no attention to the bacon.
Note the job Tom did assisting (advising) with the rolling of the bacon...

Now, here is Rob slicing the bacon wrapped tenderloin, my how simple a roast...

Wait a minute! Something look not quite simple...

It is stuffed, perfectly seamlessly stuffed...that bacon sure is pretty...what is inside? THIS IS OUR ENTRY SHOT, or the one following this one, which appears to be the same one...

Why, it looks like a lobster and scallop stuffed tenderloin of beef wrapped in bacon, cooked at 350F in a BGE, over Wicked Good Charcoal, to 130F internal and poorly shot so that it looks raw (dagnabbit! )(I mean )

And served simply with a Bernaise sauce with French Tarragon. Simple!

I know what you are thinking...'but, is it good, do scallops, lobster and prime tenderloin work well together, and what of this sauce?' All I can say is yes, the surf and turf in one is really good, believe it or not.
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