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Originally Posted by SmokinOkie View Post
I've received a couple of PM's and as the topic is an annual one, I thought I'd start a thread where we could Ask and Answer questions about brining (MODS, I hope this is okay). This would help newbies to a central FAQ about Brining and eventually this would become something of a Sticky.

So drop by, ask a question and we'll try to help. I've contacted a few other people to join and help, so this isn't just me answering. Anyone with the answer should feel welcome to contribute.

Questions about brining methods, reasons for, tips and tricks, recipes, feel free to post here.

There is a link to Brining 101 in my signature below.

I'm also going to search through the forum for some great brining threads, so PM me any good Brining links if you have some.
My butcher brines pork butts and turkey breasts and then smokes them and both the butts and the tukey look and taste like ham.

Whats the trick for this curing to make a change every now and then?
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