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Originally Posted by Mister Bob View Post
Because I use a substantial amount of salt in my rib rub, I don't season before vacuum packing. I suspect it would at least change the texture of the meat, if not make it tougher.

It might act like a dry 'brine' though, and pull the moisture out of the cells, then through osmosis and diffusion pull the moisture back in along with the other flavors. Maybe it's worth a try...
Only part way through this great thread, Bob, and came across this.
Since it hasn't been addressed so far and it is something I can pay back with:
Your instinct is correct. Don't put salt on it as fat is hydroscopic and the salt will cause the meat to toughen and dry out.
The fattier the meat, the more devastating the effect.
I have been curving my cut and making one end narrower so I have benefited greatly by your tutorial.Thank you .
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