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Originally Posted by Sammy_Shuford View Post
Is there a difference in Wife’s? Yes. But I think you are putting a UDS in the same category as a cooker/grill made from 55G barrels.

The most successful UDS’s are simple, with no doors. Air control is key! (for low and slow burns)

Are you looking to build a unit?

Does this help? If not, some body else can chip in, or I shall try again.

Welcome, oh by the way!

Thanks Sammy.

I'm still a little confused. You could add a door to a UDS, and it would still be a UDS just with a minor mod, wouldn't it? I'm guessing the hanging meat barrels would still be considered UDS's? I don't see any reason they couldn't be used for low and slow or hot and fast (Unless they leak too much air for low and slow).

I have two unresolved questions between the two:

1. Does hanging meat with meat hooks make any difference whatsoever to the output?

2. They advertise cooking at 300 produces tri tips, ribs, chicken, cooked in an hour? But 300 is still at the range for what we consider "Hot and Fast" but over several hours, and a little below what we normally consider grilling.

Are my questions clear as mud?
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