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Default Is there a difference in drum smokers?

Drum A
The basic UDS....Basically a steel drum with holes for intakes, a charcoal basket, grates, and holes for exhaust. Benefit is long unattended cooks...low and slow.

Drum B
Lately, I've been seeing other drum smokers advertised such as the D-Meat Barrel. A steel drum with a door at the bottom and meat hooks to hang your meat. Recommended to cook at around 300 degrees (Not that hot), and uses hooks to hang your meat. Benefit claim is that your meats cook in about an hour.

Since 300 degree temps are at the top end of normal low and slow, how is Drum B able to cook meats tender and juicy in such a short time period? Are there any benefits to hanging meat on meat hooks? Will a basic UDS cook great looking tri tip in an hour if cooked at 300 degrees or so like the D-Meat Barrel?

Conceptually, these two drums seem identical, with the difference being marketing on the Drum B type cookers for people that want their food done relatively quickly.
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