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Try this-Go to a home-depot and in the pluming dept get a brass sink drainpipe 1.1/4 inch by 12 inces long then the lumber dept for a plastic closet rod 1,1/4 by 1.1/2 feet long {they sell it by the foot}

Stand your loin on end and twist tube as you push it in{goes in easy no need to sharpen}.Have sasuage in a bowl just push tube into bowl to fill, then insert filled tube in to your loin, put plastic rod in tube, hold rod pull up tube --what i did then was cut two 3/4 inch pieces from the plug i removed and inserted in ends of the loin with tooth picks
Mel, finally got a chance to try your stuffing method, farking outrageous Bro!! Best porkloin I've ever eaten!! Extremely moist, even when cooked to 190, and the maple flavor is the schiznit. I mixed approx 2 parts maple with one part JD hot, will try 50/50 next time.

Thanks for the tip, its a keeper!!
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