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Rrum over drum is an interesting idea...what are u gonna use as insulation in between? I assume outer drum has top off as it would be a pain to lift outer shell to fire up an load,,,

Im leaning towards a moving blanket and just recently noticed that the blankets they hang in elevators to protect them from movers\construction activity have "fireproof" stamped all over them. Think I might try modifying one of these blankets to a uds "snuggy" least it will decrease the "U" factor somewhat.

Last weekend we caught the corner ot the noreasterner that hit new england...Cold temps, mixed precitation (snow) rain, and HOWLIN winds....Im on the 2nd floor and have to run up and down stairs to tend the Q but I can check the temp with a pair of binos out my kitchen window but cant see thu snow...Canceled the cook i had planned and so no good food this week

Think in future Ill cook only when 2 out of 3(wind,snow, cold temps) are least untill I get a few more cooks under my belt.....
wireless maverick thermo high on list.

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