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Originally Posted by Pappy View Post

Tried to smoke a whole 10 pound turkey. It turned out bad. I used the brine that is in the video. It sat in the brine for 2 days. Maybe that was too long? Rinsed the brine, refrigerated for 12 hours uncovered, stuffed with apples and onions, added some butter and rub before it placed it in a 325 degree UDS. Basted it with butter 3 times. It only took 2 hours for the breast to reach 160 degrees. The thighs were at 175 degrees. I was surprised how fast it cooked. It looked good, tasted bad. Turned out to be the 2nd worst turkey I have ever eaten. Worst one was the one I made and couple of months ago with no brine. It tasted rubbery or under cooked. 3 out of 4 people did not like it. I gave it all to the 1 person that liked it.

No more turkey’s for me. I’m going to have to stick with pork butts and ribs.
Smoked turkey is great and is one of my favorite things to smoke.

I put in bold the things in your process that I would do differently.

  • 2 days of brine is not brining your turkey, it is curing your turkey. 24 hours is plenty. 12 hours will work.
    • I use 1 cup of salt (kosher) to 1 gallon of water
  • Refrigerating your turkey for an additional 12 hours AFTER it is brined is unnecessary.
  • You mentioned you added butter & rub. Where did you add it? on top of the skin won't do you any good. butter and/or rub should be applied beneath the skin.
  • 325 degrees is quite a bit lower than I smoke a turkey. I like it to be in the 350-375 neighborhood. Also I cook mine indirectly (in a UDS this would mean a baffle/heat sink between meat & fire)
The reason it cooked so quickly was the 60 hours it was brined (48 in brine + 12 sitting in fridge with brine residue still in turkey). In comparison, the last Turkey I brined for a total of 16 hours.
The low temp and the extreme brine time contributed to your rubbery texture

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