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Default Smoked turkey did a flip-flop


Tried to smoke a whole 10 pound turkey. It turned out bad. I used the brine that is in the video. It sat in the brine for 2 days. Maybe that was too long? Rinsed the brine, refrigerated for 12 hours uncovered, stuffed with apples and onions, added some butter and rub before it placed it in a 325 degree UDS. Basted it with butter 3 times. It only took 2 hours for the breast to reach 160 degrees. The thighs were at 175 degrees. I was surprised how fast it cooked. It looked good, tasted bad. Turned out to be the 2nd worst turkey I have ever eaten. Worst one was the one I made and couple of months ago with no brine. It tasted rubbery or under cooked. 3 out of 4 people did not like it. I gave it all to the 1 person that liked it.

No more turkey’s for me. I’m going to have to stick with pork butts and ribs.

Apple Juice-Brined Smoked Turkey - YouTube
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