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For better or worse, there'd be no lighter fluid without some chemist somewhere. Most likely for worse, in that case.

The article still brings some interesting points regarding techniques such as foiling or not. I'm just starting out in this hobby, but articles like this put my mind to rest when I'm cooking.

I know that a lot of you have done this a thousand times and have honed your technique to always have excellent food, but I still need some guidance. Knowing what to worry about is important to me at this point, especially since I monitor my meat with a thermometer. I'm that kind of guy, someone with an engineer or scientist mindset. As Meathead had said, newbies can get freaked out about tons of things when they don't expect it.

I'm pretty new to this, so having a deeper explanation is invaluable. After all, I really don't have an experienced pitmaster to tell me what to do. None of my friends know what good Southern BBQ is where I am. They think Famous Dave's is fantastic. All I can do is figure out things from what you guys and others on the net say, and the more information I have, the better I feel about what I do when I'm cooking. I don't have a "gut feeling" with my experience. I've already found out the hard way about low n' slowing lean meats. Learning about the minion method from you all has been invaluable. BBQ ain't hard, but there are the things you do to get something that's darn good instead of just ok. All it takes is some reading, understanding, and experience.

This must be why I like watching Alton Brown's show so much. Most everything has a how and why in my head and he feeds that, just like Meathead is doing.
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