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Ooohh...someone did an experiment and we call it science, but what's the takeaway?

Well, if memory serves from reading it the FIRST time I saw it posted, the fix suggested is to foil after only a couple of hours of smoke or so and to cook faster. Now I'm a big fan of foiling ribs and cooking 'em a little faster, but come on. Oh yeah, and don't have too much pit humidity since it'll only prolong the stall.

All my best pork butts so far never saw any foil til after cooking. Some were cooked on my UDS at about 275*, but some were cooked on my wsm a LOT slower and turned out just as moist. As to pit humidity, the UDS has plenty when cooking direct, especially with more than just a couple of butts. As to my wsm, well, not to open a can of worms but I keep water in the pan and never end up with dry meat unless I overcook.
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