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Originally Posted by bigabyte View Post
Shortens the stall, yes. Prevents it entirely, no. Ergo, it is not evaporative cooling.
You must have read a different article that myself. According to the Blonder Report there was virtually no stall in the foil wrapped pork butts he cooked. There was steady internal temp increase, whereas the un-foiled actually flattened and even lost a couple degrees around 170F.

When he took the foil off the wrapped butt and placed it back in the cooker, the temp dropped.....alas, evaporative cooling.

Pretty hard, if not impossible, to dispute.

On a personal note,

I am cooking a 9# boston butt this weekend for a halloween party. I am going to try and foil early (about 150F-155F), just to see what happens.

And, at a KCBS competition we did......

Had two pork shoulders that stalled about 170-175.....stayed there for 5+ hours. At the end of our time, we had no choice but to pull them off and rest them before turn-in. We sliced a little off of one to check it, and it was comepletely tender and juicy. We rested both for a half hour in a faux cambro......perfect. We ended up getting a pretty high mark at a KCBS 50%. Scratched my head on that one.

I have never cooked one at home that I didn't get up to 195F before resting and pulling it.
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