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2) There is no steaming inside a foil package- and it takes hours for the
temperature to rise to 212F because air simply doesn't carry much heat. Air
is 1000 times less dense than water, and just can't transfer enough energy
in a short time to cause water to boil. Send them to this link for actual
experimental data:

I am not interested in any data on this in much the same way I was not interested in scientific data that supports cigarettes did not cause cancer. This quote either does not match what the experiment was or the person who wrote the paraphrase of the experiment is simplifying things beyond intention. This thread is about stalls and that means BRISKET exclusively. No other cut has a stall quite like brisket. I am not sure at what point this "expert" took his measurements but I assure you, in the case in which I use foil, say for speeding up a brisket when my house temp is 275... you can rest assured the white stuff coming out of the foil when I peek and it subsequently burns my fingers is in fact steam. I have not read the data and no... if he went there, the pressure inside a foil jacket would not cause the boiling temp to lower... or raise significantly.

Regardless of mass... when the brisket gets hot enough there is steam inside.

If the experiment occurred at 220 degrees house temp then you might have a point...but thats sort of skewing the data to achieve an isolated result.

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