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I understand the theory, but really don't care...

My poor ole daddy would turn over in his grave. He was an old style cook and BBQ man.
He looked at meat and when he thought it might be ready, he poked it with his finger...
then he sometimes cut off a piece and ate it.
It was either ready or it wasn't.
Neither my father before me, or I profess to be anything other than a shade-tree BBQ man.
As a kid I was told to smoke a butt or brisket about 10 hrs. then check it...
I have gone modern... I use a digital Thermometer to check internal temps.
It may take several more hrs. or it may be done.
(It's been pretty good advice) It's not really rocket science.

I do have to hand it to all the competition guys. You have advanced smoking techniques
which help the rest of us. Thanks.

You guys continue the discussion. I'll catch up later, I've got a brisket that's been smoking since 0500 and I'm going to check the UDS.
Sausages and foil pkgs. of spiced cabbage will go on about 1100.
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