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Originally Posted by Mister Bob View Post
Bover, I think that makes sense AND you need another beer, I know I do!

Anyway, Dr. Blonder's experiments provide a scientific explanation for something competition cooks have known for a long time from practical experience. Foil helps push you quickly through the stall so you can more accurately time your cook. Now we know why.

To the haters I say: If timing is not so important to you; if you like a crustier bark, or if you believe that braising isn't BBQ, then by all means don't foil! Nobody is trying to convert you!

Sometimes I foil and sometimes I don't, as the situation or my mood dictates. Variety is the spice of life after all!

I also would like to see an experiment that attempts to establish an optimum temperature (or temperature range) for tenderness when cooking a pork butt, or ribs, or a brisket.

BBQ, like all cooking, is a combination of art and science. I think the best cooks are well versed in both.
You have distilled it all down beautifully. Bottom line? Which do you like better? The French say it beautifully: Taste is a matter of taste.

Now how do we quantify that?
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