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somebody shut me the fark up.

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If I was going to cook for a crowd, which I do often, I take the cook time and stall out of the equation, I cook the meat the day before. When I am cooking for either a vend, catering or family dinner where timing is important, I tend to shy away from brisket, which does not store all that well, and go with pulled pork, which I can cook ahead of time, crash cool in turkey bags, store in fridge and then reheat on the cooker for a hour of so before pulling and serving. I can get very good product, no scheduling hassles and still have the magic of the aroma of smoke and pulling from the cooker.

I will need to consider the idea that there is no stall in foil, I don't generally foil, and I am willing to accept the facts as presented by Doctor Blonder, since there seems to be more to his presentation than initially presented. It does challenge what I have been taught by quite a few very good chefs and cooks, who were, given, not scientists. I am no scientist myself, my interest lies purely in preparing and serving good food. To that end, these discussions serve to pique my interest, more than change my cooking.

I am sure Doctor Blonder and I could enjoy some of my pulled pork, regardless of the science.
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