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Originally Posted by CarolinaQue View Post
Guamaque, that is why my tuning plates in my cooker are 3/8" thick cold rolled plate. Same reason why I "pre-heat" my cooker for a good 2 hours before I put the meat on. Once all that steel is equalized, it chugs along at a much more even and stable temp. I don't have any scientific data to back up my claim though, just years of cooking experience with my pit.
We cook a lot of comps and what you are doing is very similiar to how folks use their Jambo pits...

double insulated direct flow cooker with large exhaust stack for maximum airflow that is pre-heated for a few hours....Design of those smokers certainly cuts cooking time down considerably and foiling takes place at much lower internal from my experiences...Of course with a stick burner it is easier to get desired color quickly and then finish cook in foil with charcoal/lump if you wanted etc...
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