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Originally Posted by infernooo View Post
I think you might be misinterpreting the article... I believe the idea is that the stall ends when the outside dries out, not the whole piece of meat (as the evaporation on the surface is what is preventing the interior from passing that certain temperature)
I think you missed the entire point... This article defies physics. Plain and simple. Experiment yourself. That's the best thing about physics, you can test the theory yourself and nobody can deceive you. Remember , the earth really was flat for a long time, and the experts said so..... The thermal mass of your entire pit and the surroundings is much greater than the fine outside crust of your meat. So when the meat's crust dries out, all of a sudden the stall is shut down and the meat temp is allowed to move on. I don't think that is science... The temperature has to equilibrate with the dirt, meat, metal, bricks, patio etc. over a long period of time before the meat temp can rise. Unless you overshoot the temp and step down as described. Experiment yourself, use a plain pot of water with a sealed lid and a digital probe inside. Low and slow, 225, you will have the stall for 3-4 hours, once thermal mass equilibrium is reached, the internal temp of the pot of water will shoot up..
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