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Smoke temperature 80C. Can be changed if change place of grate

With thread coupled flange, very easy to mount to your smoking box

grate parts

grate assembled

grate assembled

grate inserted in

dust in place

Ice-Water Cooler, Smoke temperature can be reduced to 20 to 30 C for fish and cheese

Smoker and cooler are thread coupled together. very easy to exchange

Video at:

Partition Grate is vertical to split the smoker to two parts.
The right side is bin of saw dust or pellet. The left side is pass of fresh air.
In the outlet the hot smoker and fresh air are mixed together.This way the smoke temperature is reduced.
Partition grate can be positioned in 5 different positions.The size of dust bin and fresh air pass can be changed accordingly, in turn smoke temperature and amount of smoker
Smoke temperature can be further reduced by Ice-Water Cooler.
The fan or blower is powered by 12 V DC. You can use a Ac/DC addapter or a battery
Personally I prefer a small battery of 1.a.h.
Its weight is under 200g, very easy to carry, and it is most safer than 110V AC.

If you want smoke temperature 20 to 30C for fish or cheese, you had better add cooler.

Type I, stainless steel smoker size 2"x4"x12", flange, fan,US$50
Type II, stainless steel smoker size 4"x6"x12",flange,fan, US$70
Ice & Water Coller, stainless steel size 6"x6"x12", US$70
Type I Plus Cooler US$100
Type II Plus Cooler US$110
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