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Originally Posted by rhollar View Post
Thanks for all the responses, coewar do you have a photo of how you have your racks? Also are the legs zinc or stainless.
Nthole on yours having your lower rack 12 inches below do you have any issues getting burnt or too hot. New to this habit, I am now on my third UDS in less than 2 months, wife really don't complan now that she has found out when I smoke she don't cook. win win.
Most of my bolts are the normal grade steel which may have zinc coating.

I spray all of it thoroughly with a cooking oil (olive oil works great, but PAM stuff is fine too.) Inside of the drum too and rubbing it helps. Lid too. Then I heat the drum at least to 350 degrees for at least 30 mins. This will season and seal everything inside and if you do it well, it will have a nice coat that actually won't rub off easily.

And once you start cooking, everything will be coated in black stuff. The zinc in the metals there shouldn't pose any problem at this point, even without all this prep. The temperatures that zinc starts coming off the metal is much higher than you'd ever smoke at. Only the charcoal itself gets hot enough. I also heard the zinc poisoning is only if inhaled.

When you purchase cooking grates for any grill, they sometimes are stainless steel and sometimes the same grade with potentially zinc in it.

I don't have a pic, but there are some on this site. I found some long bolts that either have a head large enough not to fall through the grates, or I got enough fender washers (large washers) and nuts to attach them to the grate and also create "feet" for them so when standing on another grate, they won't fall through. I just used 3 per grate. Some have done 4 legs.

And you can adjust the height if needed by just moving the nuts and washers down the bolt.
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