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Default Questions for KCBS BOD Candidates

I'm Starting a new thread because I don't particularly like the title of the most active thread on this subject.

Originally Posted by Funtimebbq View Post
Hi Leatherhead (and all the other candidates),

I am a one issue voter. Last year, the membership voted overwhelmingly for KCBS to look into regional BOD members. I have avoided reading all the other BOD threads to wait for the offical statements in the Bullsheet, but the title of this tread caught my eye. If you or any of the other candidates state they are in favor of regional BODs, you have my vote. Hope to read your statements in the Bullsheet.

Thanks for running, Benny
I have a different approach to regional representation. I don't think assigning Board seats to specific regions is necessarily the best way to achieve good representation for all of our members. I look at it like this, the Jack has the most diverse representation of bbq teams but doesn't actually have all the best teams in the country (that's not a knock on the Jack or the people that have been invited it's just a fact). I don't want to just diversify the BOD I want it to have the best people willing and able to serve.

My idea for regional representation is for KCBS to build better relationships with organizations like NEBS, CBBQA, MABBQA, IABBQ and the list goes on. All of these organizations help organize KCBS contests, host KCBS judging classes and teach bbq classes to competitors and the general public. Perhaps some type of committee with members from each of these organizations that has a chance to submit a report at every KCBS BOD meeting. The members of the committee could be voted in be each organization however they see fit. That committee would elect it's own chairmen who would be responsible for presenting the committees report and recommendations each month at the KCBS BOD meeting.
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