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Originally Posted by Tarheel View Post
I will first start by telling those of you that don't know me my name is Roy Murray, I am Tarheel Smokers, I have been cooking comps for 10 years, I am a certified judge #3202, I am a KCBS member #8026, I am a contest organizer, I am a retired Costie, (Coast Guard) I currently own and operate a fireplace and grill shop, and I put my pants on one leg at a time. And foremost I am not running for the board.

I have been reading the post below about a group running for the board. What I am about to say is my opinion only and does not reflect that of anyone that I have not conspired with to do this.
I will be the first one to tell you that I am not happy with some of the performance of the current board. I have voiced my opinion to them on several occasions to the point I am now considered a trouble maker by some. I prefer the title of Pot Stirrer! It seems that the more you voice your opinion with some the less they like you. Oh well, life goes on. I have even stirred the pot here before with judges and coolers and taking food home.

There are a lot of things that go on with bod's and most of it the general population would not care about. There have been some things that this board has done that would make most do a double take. Prior boards have done the same thing and future boards will do the same. Some of it works out and some of it doesn't, that is just the way it works. Some people may think that going into executive session to discuss contracts or personal issues is back room dealing. It is no different on your county school board when they talk those type issues.

This board has done things like giving the Sams club tour a 20k slush fund to buy things that any other contest has to pay for. You have got board members getting paid to act as contest organizers for the marketing company that they put inplace with a contract. They have approved contest that had less than 90 days before the actual contest date. They have let a contest continue without insurance. The list can go on and all of it was done out in the open at a board meeting that is open for you to listen to and even call in and voice your opinion at.

Four of you want to run as a group so you can make changes and make it more transparent. Good luck with that. I am sure each of you mean well and have the best of intentions and some good ideas for this organization. There is no doubt that the KCBS needs help and I am sure each of you could contribute to that but you need to do it on your own individual merit. The board already has its little groups we don't need another little group. We need everyone working together for the common good of the KCBS.

Now to give credit where it is due as well, this board has done some good things and is to be commended for there accomplishments as well. Despite some of its misgivings the Sams Club event gave the KCBS some good exposure. MMA has done a very good job promoting the KCBS. Hopefully the new scoring system will help, the jury is still out. And that list could go on as well but I don't want to swell any heads or let them think I am a nice person.

Again, this is my opinion and does not reflect anyone else's. Thank you and Good night.
I actually agree with the majority of the views you've expressed. I'll explain some of the areas or details where I disagree with you.

As for running as a group I agree to an extent, and understand the perception that some will have. However, the way that members cast votes does not require an all or nothing vote, and as a result the four of us do end up succeeding or failing based on our own merit. There are issues that we will not agree upon, and vote differently, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm comfortable in the personal integrity and honesty each of the other three candidates I've affiliated myself with have shown over the years.

I agree with the examples regarding executive session that you cited. Litigation, contracts, and personnel issues can all be legitimate reason to enter into executive session. However, there have been blatant instances in the past where executive session was clearly used as a tool to avoid scrutiny. That's just wrong, and whether anything illegal or immoral occurred the appearance of impropriety has damaged the trust and credibility that many members are now willing to place in the elected leadership. In some cases involving disciplinary matters the issue being discussed is so vague when looking at the agenda it's a disservice to those involved whether they've done something wrong or not. After the fact there is so little information available that there is often what amounts to a verdict of guilt by perception to the general membership. That is a disservice to everyone. If the board feels that they need to impose some form of penalty, let that be known as well as who it has been imposed on as well as making sure that the action taken is equitable to past offenses or follows the clear guidelines that I hope are put in place. Make those guidelines well known in advance.

I'll address one additional point that is closely related but I feel needs to be addressed separately. I understand your concern about 'groups', and I understand why you feel that way. A search of this forum will find some posts, made by me, that were critical of the entire board based on their collective conduct. I said it, I meant it then, and I mean it now. I hold the entire board accountable for the open and blatant disregard for common courtesy we've seen in the past several years. Individuals played their roles, but the board as a whole allowed it to reach the point that it did. Beyond a dysfunctional board, we developed a divided membership. If elected myself and the three other candidates that I'm running with will attempt to introduce some new ideas, leadership, and a willingness to work with others and compromise when beneficial to the membership and organization yet remain true to our beliefs and principles when needed. I understand the math involved. It's our hope that in the first year we can demonstrate what is possible to other like minded members so that they may decide that it's worth their time to run, serve for a limited time, and improve the organization for the benefit of all. I hope that way of thinking has some merit in your opinion.

Either way, I appreciate your time and willingness to be involved in the process by sharing your views.
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