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Good morning bbq world, I love it when I can start the day with a positive and start the energy bus off right. I am so glad to see the comments so far. This can do nothing but bring the positive out.

I too can see where the group is trying to head with this as I have had many conversations over the years about what and where the KCBS should or should not be doing. The fact that the four of you are willing to put your words into action is more than I have done when it comes to running for the board.

My biggest concern is the fact that you have brought up that you have similar ideas and goals. My question for you is do those ideas and goals mesh with the ones that will be left on the board so that you can have that positive impact? Or is it going to be a clash of the minds and nothing ends up getting done?

I am sure that you all have the best intentions and truly want the organization to thrive and grow in the right direction. You keep bringing up the word transparency, I hope that you don't get hung up on that issue because I think once you get there you will find out that there is not that much going on that they don't divulge. There will always be the back scratching that goes on in any board. The four of you are already saying that by running as a group with common ideas and goals. I hope that if you get elected and the first time the four of you get together and hatch an idea you will look at which room you are in and is that idea what the general membership wants to happen.

I have strong opinions about what I think the KCBS should do but that is not always where or what it needs to go or do. I think that most on the board know this although it doesn't always get done that way. The four of you have to be observant and willing enough to send it in a direction that you may not totally agree with but is what is needed.

I am looking forward to the next round of discussion.
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