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Default New Build: Reverse Flow 250 gallon Oil Tank on a Trailer

So now that I have the Brick pit working well I have turned my focus to a Mobile smoke machine. I found a used 250 oil tank on CL and bought that for about $100. My BBQ buddy, Jeff, found an old boat trailer at his brother in laws. That is gonna cost us some ribs & a butt when it's done. I stripped all the boat stuff off the trailer. Took off the old broken lights. Replace the beat up & rusted 8" tires with new 12" tires. Replaced the bearing in the hubs and added a trailer jack to the front.
Here's the trailer.
I have been looking around for ideas for a while and the fire box had been giving me a lot to think about. I had read different things about the size and I was thinking a 30 gal air tank would do a good job. But those are expensive. The I thought about oil drums. 55 is too big. And then I found 30 gal drums. And there is a company in Newark that sells reconditioned ones...for $30. I found me a fire box. And it has an open head so it will be easy to clean out. I welded up some rebar for a log rest and I'm on my way.
So Jeff came down and we put the tank up on the trailer and layed out the doors using masking tape.
We made the cuts where the hinges are going with an angle grinder. I then welded the hinges on.
Jeff then cut the door the rest of the way.
Jeff had to hit the road so he drank my beer and left me to finish the second door.
I took the tank off the trailer and filled it a couple of busted up pallets.
And set if on FIRE!

So that's it so far. The weekend is looking good so far so hopefully get more done. It's moving along well and working with metal is a lot faster and easier than working with Brick & Mortar. This should be down before Thanksgiving. It has to be done before Christmas because we're taking it to the tailgate in the Meadowland for the Jets/Giants game.

So...any Questions?
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