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Originally Posted by Guamaque View Post

I just read this thread. So excuse my previous absence. lol. But , WTF people, this is the craziest thread I have ever seen. We have one gentleman, Mr. tortaboy , that asked a specific question in the attempt for further enlightenment and knowledge. As you can see, he then answers his own question, and bashes those that disagree. A baited trap if you will. The original and only question that Mr. tortaboy ask, and really needs an answer to , is this...

" How many of you purposely overcook your grilled meats"

I can answer for the entire BBQ Brethren. Nobody purposely overcooks their grilled meats !!!. If it was purposeful, then that was made to order, and indeed not overcooked !!!

End of story.

Cute....please give an example of "Bashing" though. I don't recall anyone claiming they were being fact, they were having fun while answering a real question.

I can site examples of my claim.

But, my real question did have a serious side.

Do you see anyone posting pron of grilled meat that is cooked well done or medium well? Ask yourself why not? Is there REALLY only one acceptable level of doneness?
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