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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by Capozzoli View Post
Check this out.

Our local Vietnamese resturaunt hooked us up with this specialty. They own the fresh killed poultry place next door.

This is a dish of mixed chopped ducks organs and blood, the duck was killed to order and the dish was served raw with a little lime juice fsh sauce and garlic.

Wow Cap, since there is no evidence to suggest salmonella danger is greater n chicken than any other poultry, you are really living on the edge...if you want to go completely wild and push your cheese right to the edge of your cracker and make tortaboy pass out, here's the risk you take.
Get a fresh oyster. Eat it RAW.
I mean it. Right from the shell.
Crikey!The danger!

We are still having fun aren't we guys?
Hold my dang beer...
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