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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by tortaboy View Post

I’m going to challenge you on your comment.

This weekend I put 24 pounds of chicken thighs and
28 pounds of chuckie on my custom offset. I burn both
charcoal and wood depending on desired temps…the
charcoal will keep temps about 250F, and the wood will
kick up the temps to 300F-350F.

I SMOKED my chicken and chuckie for 2 hours.

I then foiled my chuckie’s.

I then BBQ’D the chicken by adding wood to
get temps up.

After a short time (Maybe 20 minutes, not sure
as I was on this forum having fun with some
of the others on this very forum). The chicken crisped
up as well as any fried chicken I’ve ever eaten.

Finally, I let my chuckie’s sit in the foil for a couple
of hours, followed by a final half hour unfoiled, until
temps reached appx. 200F internal.

BTW, Chuckie’s came out great also.

To Recap:
Smoked both chicken and chuckie
Foiled chuckie while at the SAME TIME
BBQ’d chicken.

The entire time, the chicken and the chuckies
never moved. The only thing that changed was
the cooking temp.

I’m pretty confident that my cook involved BOTH
Smoking and Barbecuing.

The BEST part was, both the chicken and the
Chuckie’s were cooked the way I like em.
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