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Originally Posted by Kathy's Smokin' View Post

I sit corrected. Makes sense, blood is in the veins, not the tissue. Doesn't change how I feel, though. There's so much food it the world to be adventurous with I can live without the adventure of trying to desensitize myself and eat non-blood bloody steak with a texture that feels so gross I gag on it because chewing it feels worse. I love the taste and texture of well-done steak, it makes me happy, makes my mouth happy and my joy spreads to everyone around me. Looks like that's one thing about me that doesn't need to be fixed.
Hi Kathy!
I read the post you made after this one but thought quoting this may be more useful to you.
Look at the language you have used and the way you used it and it is all right there in front of you, you are onto it.
This is about perception, emotional negative judgement and you wonder in the following post about the taste and how come it happened that time but not others.
The mind is a powerful thing, and it is very hard to overcome perceptions....and you don't have to if you don't want to.
I think the point I am making by posting here is that it isn't cool to shove your views onto someone else when those views are not any more valid. And you don't do that.
So, on that point I want to say that I support you 100 percent on your right to get the steak cooked the way you ordered it at a restaurant...and you have every right to send it back and also to question the integrity of an establishment that can't...or worse IMO...won't cook food to the desired doneness a customer wants.
Outrageous behaviour. They are now assuming the position of deciding how a customer should enjoy their food??
Not on.

Same at a friends house for dinner, I feel your pain but that is tricky isn't it, because we are under a social obligation to be a good guest.
Australians in general grill food till it is extraordinarily overdone, or at least that was a 'BBQ' when I was growing up.
I have eaten thousands of meats that I just hated.
All because I was taking the hosts feeling into account. I found so many excuses not to go to BBQ's
So that is my call on myself.
I won't show a host that I am not pleased, but for me that is easy because I am operating from a desire point of view.
For you, it is overcoming an emotional reaction of "Gross-gagging-disgust' and none of that is preference.
Do you see what I am getting at?
Geez, I hope I am coming across in the right way and being perceived as wanting to help.
Hold my dang beer...
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