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Originally Posted by buccaneer View Post
The proteins , myoblobin and H2O in meat is not blood, and the only time I have experienced that metallic taste is when I taste my own fresh blood.
Now THAT is blood.

I had to think back to the time I had that metallic taste when eating non-blood bloody meat. I think it's the time I went to a posh restaurant and ordered a venison tapas. It grossed me out as all get out but like the trooper I am I tried it anyway. Even my partner couldn't eat it oozing that way but our dog loved it! I think it looked close to one of the first two steak pictures that was posted earlier in this thread. Maybe I was tasting buckshot, I don't know. That's the only piece of meat I ever tried to eat pulled that early from cooking, was almost just seared and then pulled it off after a short pause. I can't say that I've ever had the metallic taste in a steak that just had pink, though. I don't eat short-cooked meat often, I already know I don't like it, but sometimes I have to prove I'll try it or I do to save someone's feelings. I think I should think of my own feelings from now on, especially if I asked for well done and they try to sneak less done in. I'm giving them the wrong message by choking it down or sneaking it on to someone else's plate. It's amazing how many people invite me over and look or talk upset when I ask for my steak well done. I say, if you don't want to cook a steak for a guest you've invited for dinner the way they like it, don't serve steak. There's lots of other things to eat. I don't serve well done roast beef when I invite those people over because they will be unhappy with the food in front of them. I'd rather have fun together, drink (etc.) too much and serve something that makes everyone feel fantastic. Life's too short to create problems that don't need to exist. I'd rather party.
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