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somebody shut me the fark up.
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Originally Posted by tortaboy View Post
I can't even debate this one with ya buddy. I just look for an absense of pink in my chicken. Once juices run clear, it's edible.

If god had meant us to eat raw meat, he would not have made thoroughly cooked meat so yummy.
Yup, you're trolling because you're cherry picking.
Can't have it both ways tortaboy, and can't hide by taking the position that you are the interpreter for a benevolent deity
You quote conditions and temps that you think mean safety because that is what you believe learned from some authority body and not experience, yet you eat chicken according to another completely contrary belief.
You've never heard of cerviche, escabeche, carpaccio, tartare,sashimi,poulet de bresse, toriwasa,gyu no tataki, basashi but you still think you have a case for deriding other peoples more informed decisions and choices?
Naaah, you are trolling bro.
Credit where credit is due, you got a lot of attention for an insecure wood eater!!
Hold my dang beer...

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