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Originally Posted by tortaboy
Question for you undercookers to ponder?

If undercooked meat is SOOOOO tasty, why do you do your que low and slow?

BECAUSE, grilling is hot and fast and best used with good tender cuts of meat that are nicely marbled. Barbecue is the art of taking really crappy cuts of meat, the ones given to slaves (ala. NOT high on the hog), and to render the fat so as the meat is moist and tender, and to do this you must cook low n slow. This, my friend, is called BARBECUE, and has nothing to do with grilling. Didn't I make that point to start with? I would suggest that before you go off making more of an *** of yourself you actually read a little about the definition and history of barbecue. THEN, learning how to take that crappy cut of meat and turn it into a succulent piece of barbecue so good you'll "slap yo mama" is another thing altogether. It's taken me 20 years+-, but I think I finally have most of it down. It took LOTS of practice and frankly throwing away a few hundred dollars of meat along the way.

If you cooked low and fast, you would get some smoke on the outside, but the inside would still be nice and juicy.

Not tender. Extremely tough, and not juicy at all. Tell you what, try this yourself. You might actually learn why grilling and barbecue have little or nothing to do with one another.

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