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Originally Posted by tortaboy View Post
Guess you could save a lot of money this way. No need for a silly grill or other equipment.

All you need to do is put your meat on a piece of tin foil outside....turn after 10 minutes to warm the backside....done.

A fly net may be a nice touch.
If I did that, I couldn’t get the sear that I like. The sear keeps the flys away

Originally Posted by tortaboy View Post
You and Wv smoke should go out sometime. You would make a nice couple.
Sorry, I’m married…to a woman who belongs in your club, and yes, I cook hers the way she likes it, medium to medium well.

Originally Posted by tortaboy View Post
Question for you undercookers to ponder?

If undercooked meat is SOOOOO tasty, why do you do your que low and slow?

If you cooked low and fast, you would get some smoke on the outside, but the inside would still be nice and juicy.

Any of you that hardcore?

I think you all wanna be on our team, you just are afraid to admit it.
Q’ing low and slow has nothing to do with eating a steak rare. I don’t eat everything that way. Pork is medium to well done, chicken is well done, and I don’t eat raw fish. I do eat squirrel med rare, as well as deer and rabbit. What it all boils down to is: when you say rare, I think steak. And yes, I love my steak quivering and with the slight trace of a pulse.
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