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Talking Pigskin foil...


In Deli's in Holland they cook a loaf out of fresh pork livers, which when cooked, they slice very thin and which is often used 50/50 with thinly cut Corned beef with a sprinkle of salt on a fresh white bun..

they call it "broodje halfom" ..

They steam the livers in a loaf press and use what they call "zwoerdfolie" (== pigskin foil) for it to "glue" the pieces of liver together.

The skinfoil is made out of pork skin heated to 210 F for ~ 15 minutes and then ground twice while still hot through a 1/8 " plate with some liver (9 parts skin to 1 part liver) to give it the same color as the liver.

Then they press the warm mixture in a form lined with plastic foil and let it cool in the refrigerator.
When the mix is completely cooled down, they cut it in ~ 1/8 " slices and place these in between the layers of fresh liver - and then press it in the loaf form -
this acts as a glue when they steam the liver loaf -
so the pieces of liver do not separate when you slice the loaf when it is cooled down.
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