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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by Lake Dogs View Post
NY Strip and Rib Eye (Medium Rare or even Pittsburgh when you can find someone that knows what it is and how do to it properly)
Filet and T-Bone (Medium Rare)
Prime Rib (Medium, but not usually grilled)
Most other beef cuts as steak or hamburger (Medium Well)

Fowl (depends on how eating it, straight up just barely done is my favorite, but cooked to oblivion and falling apart in many dishes can be awesome too)

Fish (depends on the fish; for example I love sushi and sashimi, and tuna when not eaten raw and is still fresh is best RARE, love it fried [tough to beat a fried grouper poboy], blackened redfish is AWESOME, etc.)

Pork (cooked completely; which means NOT grilled. A loin can be best done at around 140 degrees, butt's, shoulders, etc. more in the range of 205 degrees, and ribs I like them pull cleanly from the bone, so that's probably around 185 degrees)

Deer (I usually dont care for it grilled, but just the right cut, all the fat removed and all the blood drained, medium rare can be awesome, but I prefer it cubed and fried or made into an almost fatless hamburger used in chili)

Bison (dont care for it much, otherwise see Deer above)

Possum (I dont but some do)

Squirrel (refer to Possum)

Neighbors Cat (best grilled slowly to medium well, with tandoori seasonings)

Neighbor [after he's pi**ed-off that you cooked his cat] (refer to Pork above)
You left out one there Hance.
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