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Originally Posted by Ron_L View Post
This is very interesting to me. My wife also makes comments about not wanting to see blood on her plate. What i find interesting is that it isn't blood. The blood in any animal (including us) is carried in the veins and arteries. There is very little blood in the meat itself. Red meats, such as beef, contain a lot of water. The water mixes with a protein called myoglobin, and ends up as the red liquid that most folks think is blood.

I can understand how different textures appeal to different tastes, and i can understand how taste preferences differ. I'm not one of those militant types It's your steak (or chop or whatever) so you can eat it however you like it. It's similar to coffee. Folks sometimes apologize to me for putting milk, cream or sugar in their coffee. I always tell them that they should drink it however they like it. The only exception to that is ketchup on hot dogs!
X2 except for the hot dog +ketchup which I just don't get at all, never having eaten one.(shrugs)

My experience has been that it is always the people who don't like rareish meat are militant and aggressively pushy about it.
My theory is controversial and I don't want to get hated because I am perfectly happy to cook stuff however it will best please the eater.
That being said, I learned young not to 'eat with my head' but to use my other senses designed for the job.
In other words, not to judge the food and go "YUCK" until I had tried it a few times.
We all have our limits though, I saw Baluut in the Philipines and drew the line, and that was after being raised eating charred fur covered macropods dragged smoking out of a hardwood fie on the ground, or wriggling caterpillars that taste like buttery custard.
In Asia, I had a good hearted couple walk over and tell me not to eat the raw chicken because I would die.
Turns out they had traveled in Asia for 3 months eating out of bakeries and cans from supermarkets.
Makes you wonder why it is that these food and safety dogma's we have drummed into us in our own 'superior' culture that we drag out into other environs take precedence on our sense of reality OVER the visual evidence that a dramatically denser population far older than 'home' is happily chowing down on the food and living happily with no ill effects.
Did I listen to the good Samaritans?
I had been eating this for ten years, along with millions of other diners. I ate the raw chicken, and politely told them about my friend back home I met at university.
He was from Koh Phangan, Thailand.
Nice guy, beautiful island.... well, it used to be.
Anyway, every time the wind blew and the trees gushed with it, he covered his head with his hands and ran all bowed over.
Funny to see.
Where he grew up, the wind blew coconuts down and they would kill you if they hit you on the head just right.
You don't carry the rules with you. Pay attention to the environment and learn.
Don't judge food taste and sensation with your mind but with your other senses designed for it.
If chicken is fresh and processed safely and served properly it is delicious and perfectly safe raw.
So it depends on that, and that only.
The proteins , myoblobin and H2O in meat is not blood, and the only time I have experienced that metallic taste is when I taste my own fresh blood.
Now THAT is blood.
I have this funny feeling I am not going to get an invite into the club?
(Sorry if I went on too long...)
The only current member banned for life!


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